1. Helps in weight loss


Drinking water in copper vessel every morning and evening. This will reduce body’s extra fat and help in early weight loss.

2. Keeps skin healthy

If you are worried about the appearance of fine lines on your face, copper could be a good remedy. It is very strong anti-oxidant and cell regenerating properties, it fight off free radicals, one of the main reasons for the formation of fine lines.


3. Improve the digestion


Keep water in copper vessel for at least 8 hours and drink it, it will remove acidity, gas and improve digestion.

4. Controls Thyroid disorder


The copper present in copper vessel balances the thyroxine hormone. This decreases the risk of thyroid.

5. Beneficial for joint pain


Drink water in a copper vessel every morning and evening, it will reduce the risk of joint pain.

6. Destroy the bacterias

Copper has anti-bacterial properties; keeping water in it causes death of bad bacteria and reduce the risk of diarrhea, loosemotion, jaundice and helps to fight with Anaemia.

7. Cuts down Cardiac problems

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Decrease the level of cholestrol and keeps your heart healthy.

8. Heals the wound


Copper has anti-bacterial elements that heals the wound faster.

9. Keeps you young

10. Cuts down the risks of Cancer

11. Regulates melanin production

12. Regulates brain function

13. Reduce hairfall

By- Dr.Ranjeet Singh

Posted by:Ayur Plus