What is Marma?

According to Ayurvedic texts the marmas are the points, when injured, may be life-threatening. These marmas are not only superficial land marks on the body surface but these are deep seated important physio-anatomical structures. Maharishi Sushruta has mentioned in his text Shushrut Samhita a total number of 107 such vital point (Marmas or weak spots) in chapter no-6. In Ayurveda, the pressure point for massage and acupunture are called marmas, meaning sensitive zones such points can be used specifically for the diagonosis and treatment of disease.

Historical Background of Marmas?

The knowledge of marmas is the oldest hidden treasure of vedic surgical skill. In ancient times it was a hidden science and only the kings and worriors knew it, and they used to get full potential of it to treat disease or for promoting health and longivity.

The science of marma can be traced along with the history of civilization and healing in ancient India. This begins with the ancient Indus sarasvati culture(3500-1700 BCE), the largest urban civilisation of the world at that time, as revealed in large archaeological sites like Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Rakhigari and Dholavira. The science of marma grew up along with other vedic disciplines from this period.

After this long formative era came the classical period of Ayurveda (1700 BCE-700 AD) in which the main Ayurvedic text were compiled, like Charak Samhita, Sushuruta Samhita and Ashtanga( Hirdyan and Sangrah). These texts contain references to marmas, particularly Sushruta samhita. In the later part of this period, the Buddhisht religion spread Ayurveda, marma therepy and related martial arts east to China and Japan.

After this, classical period came a long decline in Ayurveda, brought about by foreign invasions and colonial rule, which lasted upto modern times, in which many texts and practices were lost, including such significant information about marmas. During the recent period, since India’s Independence in 1947 has a revival of Ayurveda brought about new research on marma, which is now being viewed as one of the most important aspect of Ayurveda requiring a new critical examinations & practical applications of it.

What is Marma Therepy?

Marma is an instant, permanent, natural, non-invasive way of healing today, because it succeeds in conserving many of highest moral values of its adherents. Marma therepy or marma chikitsa is an important method of Ayurvedic treatment for the entire spectrum of health complaints major or minor. Many different marma points are decribed in Ayurvedic texts along with their specific effects on body and mind. When manipulated marmas can alter both the organic function and structural condition of the body. Through the right use of marmas our entire physical & mental energy can significantly increased, decreased or redirected in a transformative manner.

Marma Points

What we can gain while doing Marma Chikitsa?

A great number of neurological disorders are discussed in Ayurvedic texts, these neurological problems come under vata roga. A total number of 80 vata roga can be treated successfully by marma therepy. Apart from this, if the required procedures as described in ancient texts are applied on those points in a proper method, then the body becomes healthy and long life can be achieved.

Under what circumtances Marma therepy can be used??

  • To treat the diseases of nerves and brain.
  • In traumatic neurological or neuro surgical lessions, traumatic paraplegia, hemiplegia and monoplegia.
  • In orthopaedic lessions.
  • To reduce pain of nerves, muscles, ligaments, bones and joints.
  • To improve the function of body organs by achieving homeostates.
  • To activate the mal-developed or deformed body parts or musculature etc

Writtrn by: Dr. Ranjeet Singh

Posted by:Ayur Plus