Stomatits Or Mouth Ulcers Or Apthons Ulcers(मुँह के छाले)

Stomatits is an inflammation of the mucous layer of mouth, it can affect any age group.



Stomatits is an inflammation of the mucous layer of mouth, can affect any age group. In Ayurveda science it is called with name “Mukhapaka”.

The oral cavity is normally well protected from infection by anti-bacterial and anti-viral property of saliva. Saliva has also a local immunological protection, however, occasionally the normal flora of oral cavity may become pathogenic; If there is nutritional & immunological deficiency. A good oral hygienic status is necessary to maintain the normal natural protective mechanism.

According to Ayurveda Mukhapaka(mouth ulcer) is caused by pitta-prakopak-ahar -vihar sevana.

What are those causative factors that help in producing ulcers?

  • Deficiency of – Vitamin B2(riboflavin

Vitamin B3(niacin)

Vitamin B6(pyridoxine)

Vitamin B9(folic acid)

Vitamin B12(Cobalamine)

Iron(plumber vision syndrome)

  • Poorly fitted dentures
  • Medication
  • Radiotherepy
  • Burn from hot food and drinks
  • Allergic reaction
  • Chemotherepy
  • Mechanical, chemical and physical injuries, leading to chronic superficial inflamation such as- Smoking, Alchol, Sharp tooth, Sepsis, Syphilis, Susceptibility
  • Chronic irritation dentures


Treatment is mainly symtomatic and usually by removal of predisposing factors.

>Pitta hara chikitsa

>Pitta rechaka chikitsa

>Virechana with Avipattikara powder with warm or trivrit leha with cow milk.

Aurvedic Remedies??

  1. Gandoosha: ksheera gandoosha three times a day (gandoosha means oil pulling ditox it involves placing a table spoon or so of pure natural oil into mouth and then swishing it around, starting with five minutes and building upto the ideal of 15 to 20 minutes and splitting it out.)
  2. Gandoosha with decoction of khadira( Acacia catechu)
    and babula tvak(bark of Vachellia nilotica).
  3. Apply Tankana Bhasma with honey.
  4. Apply licorice powder with honey.

Ayurvedic Formulations??

  • Kamadugharasa before meal
  • Avipattikara powder with meal
  • Cap-Stomatab
  • Alsarex with water before meal

Do’s and Dont?

Take sweet, nutritious diet- green vegetables, fruits, whole wheat diet.

Avoid hot drinks, Pig food, excess oily food, smoking, and constipation.

By: Dr. Ranjeet Singh