A corn is a localized hyperkeratosis of the skin. It usually occurs at the sites of pressure that is on the sole and toes. There is usually a horny induration of the cuticle with a hard centre. Corn may be painful usually when it is rubbed.Corn has a tendency to recur after excision. A Corn has a central core which reaches the deeper layer of dermis.

Cause of Corn or Calluses?

The pressure and rubbing causes corn or calluses on the bottom and sides of the feet.They occur when the rubbing of adjacent digit and bones

Symptoms of corn or calluses?

  • Pain
  • Difficulty in walking

Possible treatment measure of corn?

Apply the milk of papaya unripen fruit at night and do bandage.

Apply the milk of calotropis procera to the corn at night and do bandage.

Preventive measures may be as using soft shoes or soft pads at pressure points of the sole.

Application of salicylic acid.

Carnation cap.

If above measures fail and the corn is painful, then it should be excised with particular care to take off the deep root of the central Core.

Agnikarma is very effective and prevents recurrence in mostly cases. After agnikarma do regular dressing with jatyadi tail.

Corn after Incision
Agnikarma after Incision. This Agnikarma procedure have been performed by Dr. Manoj kureel(MS, Ayurvedic surgen) in the OPD of LHS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Pilibhit
After one week of Agnikarma
No recurrence history of corn is found after one year of Agnikarma

Agnikarma? (cauterization) -Physically heat from the hot shalaka(rod) is transferred as the therapeutic heat to Twak Dhatu( skin and tissues) by producing Samyak twak dahan.

What to do?

  • Wear proper shoes.
  • Never wear tight fitting footwear.
  • Always buy shoes which breath: leather is the best.
  • Women should never wear high heel shoes. They ruin the feet,damage the spine and throw the pelvic organ out of place.
  • Women should not wear pumps( these are shoes which cause of food to slide forward, jumping everything in the front. Instead, wear an Oxford stylish shoes with laces. This properly cradles the foot.
  • Do not cut corns and calluses this only make the situation worse. This especially applied to diabetic. As soon as corn develops apply oil to soften it.

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

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