Bed wetting/ Enuresis

Bed wetting also called nocturnal enuresis or night time incontinence during sleeping on the bed, involuntary self abandonment of urine



Bed wetting also called nocturnal enuresis or night time incontinence during sleeping on the bed, involuntary self abandonment of urine. In Ayurveda it is called as Shayyamutra. There is a serious problem in the baby from a General problem. The problem is common during the pre-adolescent satge of life. Untill the age of six to eighht years of age, the bed wetting is the commmon phenomenon that fades over time, but some children continue to wett their even after the age of eight years. It is termed as primary if child has never attained the bladder control or secondry when the child was dry for some time and later started wetting again.

When children are not in position to tell anything that is they are in the first year of the life at that time also some of the actions are done for to indicate his mother before urination like crying, falling down the bed etc.

If the mother is sensible then she get urine to the children but mother are not understand the signal of children, she gradually end the tration of giving the baby’s signal, so the child pieces on the bed only. Gerally after 2 years of age the children stop urinating on the bed during the day and after five years of night.

About a quarter of the children suffer from this problem this problem. This problem is more common in Boys as compared with girls. At the age of 5 years 7% of boys and 3 % of girls are suffer from this problem, at the age of 10 years 3% boys and 2% girl suffer from this problem.

What are the causes of bed wetting?

Causes of this problem can be divided into three category; mental cause, inaccurate adherence, physical cause

Psychological causes

It incudes, emotional sress such as conflicts between parents or guardian, scolding by elders or relatives, sibling rivarly fear, worry feeling of insecurity etc.

Physical cause

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Genital tract infection
  • Worm infection
  • Small bladder size
  • Chronic constipation- The same muscles are used to control urine and stool elimination. These muscles can become dysfunctional and help the children to urinate on bed at night when, constipation is too long.
  • Rerely, bed wetting is related to neurological problem.
  • Deep sleep
  • Iching in the groin region
  • Phimosis (निरुधप्रकाश)- Phymosis is defined as a conditiion, in which there is difficulty to retract the prepuce (forskin of penis) fully and freely over the glans, upto the coronal sulcus.
  • Some times, this condition may also occur due to excessive intake of fluid

Inaccurate adherence-

Due to lack of education in parents, proper knowledge of the child’s nurture method infants can not get practice of stool- urination on time. As a result, babies sacrifice urine while sleeping.

How to diagonose?

The following points are helpful in the diagnosis of this disease

  • Acquiring a detailed approach from a disease child and Guardian is an important tool
  • Detailed physical examination should be done
  • Necessary clinical testing should be done as required
  1. Stool examination
  2. Urine culture
  3. X-ray
  4. Intravenous urogram etc

How to manage bed wetting?

In modern science, some drugs such as Impramine, Amitryptoline and Nitroxazapine HCL may be beneficial.

Following listed Ayurvedic preparations may treat the disease

  1. Varanshigru kwath, dashmoola kwath and chandprabha vati for urinary tract infection.

2. Mradurechana for constipation

3. Vang bhasma, trivanga bhasma and bimbumula kshaya are drug of choice.

4. kumarkalyan rasa

5. Brahmi vati

Do not start self-medication. Consult your doctor first before taking these drugs

Simple Ayurvedic remedies?

  1. Ashwagandha tablet
  2. Prepare decoctiion with Withania somnifera and sida cardifolia
  3. Regular local oil massage with Mahanarayana oil; this will helps in strenthing the muscle surrounding the sphincture.
  4. For deworming, give a piece of gaggery to the child in morning. After one hour give the child half teaspon of celery seeds with a pinch of roch salt.

Recommended diet and life style?

  • Proper toilet trainin by parenets
  • wakeup the child twice in the mod nap to void
  • Praise and reward your child for gettin up to use the toilet
  • Avoid taking liquid diet, soft drinks and water during evening time
  • Use the bed wetting alarm
  • Avoid giving any drinks containig coffeine such as tea, coffeeand fizzy drinks
  • Don’t allow the child to watch TV at night specially horror or crime etc.tladder retention capacity

By: Dr. Ranjeet Singh