These are the abscess ( collection of pus) in relation to anal canal and rectum. Ano-rectal abscess are due to infection of anal gland , and starts at the base of anal crypts or sinus. Most common infection usually shown by E.coli. It is quite common in diabetics and patients having poor immunity. In Ayurveda text it is called as Guda-Vidradi; guda (anus) & vidradi (abscess).

Chief causes of Ano-rectal abscess?

  • Diabetes
  • AIDS
  • Penetrating injuries of the rectal wall
  • Cancer of the anal canal

Causative Organisms of Ano-Rectal Abscess ?

  • E.coli.(60%)
  • S.aureus(23%)
  • Bacteroides
  • S.proteus

In many cases infection is mixed. A large percentage (50%) of abscess are associated future fistula in ano.

Types of Ano-rectal abscess?

1.Pelvic-Rectal abscess– It is a rectal abscess and common causes are peritonitis, appendicitis and salpingitis, diverticulitis and extension of ischiorectal abscess. It is associated with high grade fever, chill, lumber pain.

2.Sub mucosal abscess- There is a collection of pus under the mucosa. It can be opened with a sinus forceps through a Proctoscope.

3. Ischiorectal abscess– This is more extensive and more serious condition and usually accompnied by constitutional symtoms ( fever greater than 102f). It is called as horse shoe fistula. Male patients are more affected. Patients of ischiorectal abscess presents with throbbing pain, disturbing sleep which is aggravated by defection.

4. Peri anal abscess- This is the most common type of abscess, it comprise approximately 60% of all types of anorectal abscess. This is formed mainly due to suppuration of peri anal gland and lies in the superficial portion of the external sphincture. It may be due to the infection of the thrombosed external pile, if the hematoma has not been evacuated. On examination, a soft, tender, bogging swelling is found under the anal mucusa.

It is treated by immediate incision and drainage, usually using a cross like incision and excising some of the skin edges to deroof the abscess.

Males are more-affected with ano-rectal abscess, Why?

  • Rough under-clothing causes great-friction on peri-anal skin.
  • Because of more strenous work causing more sweating in anal region
  • Poor general hygiene especially and cleanliness of males.

Post Operation medicines?

  1. C/D cleaning and dressing with Jatyadi Oil (it is an Ayurvedic oil used for quick healing of abscess.)
  2. Tab Triphala guggulu
  3. Jatyadi tail basti (Anema)
  4. Triphala powder
  5. Sitz bath

Written by: Dr. Manoj Kureel, MS, ( Surgeon Ay.)
Associate prof

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