Find Human Constitution/Body type (Prakruti)?

The basic constitution or Prakruti of each individual is determined at the time of conception. At the time of fertilization the single male unit ( the spematozoon) unites with the single


Written by: Dr Ranjeet Singh


The basic constitution or Prakruti of each individual is determined at the time of conception. At the time of fertilization the single male unit ( the spematozoon) unites with the single female element (the ovum). At the moment of this union, the constitution of the individual is determined by permutations and combinations of bodily air, fire and water that manifest in the parent’s bodies. Ayurveda describes Prakruti (meaning-nature , creativity or the first creation) as the characteristic personality of an individual which is determined by a combination of three DoshasVata, Pitta and kapha. The constitution ( Prakruti) of an individual is primarily determined by the dominant Doshas. Your predominant dosha could be any one of the three, a combination of any two dosha or all three doshas in a balanced form.

The basic constitution (Prakruti) of the individual remains unchanged during the lifetime, as it is Genetically determined. The combination of elements presents at birth remains constant. However, the combination of elements that governs the continuous physiopathological changes in the body alters in response to change in the environment.

Why know your Prakruti (constitution)?

  • Personal analysis of Prakruti helps you know about your body and its requirements.
  • knowing your Prakruti can help you maintain optimal health.
  • It will help you to plan your lifestyle according to the requirements of your body.
  • knowing your Prakruti can help you to know how an imbalance is likely to occur in yourself.

Characteristics of each type of dosha given bellow will help you to find your constitution ( Prakruti)-

1.Body frame:

Vata- Thin
Pitta- Moderate
Kapha- Thick

2.Body weight:

Pitta- Moderate
Kapha– Overweight


Vata– Dry, Rough, Cool, Brown, Black
Pitta– Soft, Oily, Warm, fair red,Yellowish
Kapha– thick, Oily, Cool, Pale, White


Vata- Black, Dry, Kinky ( Frizzy hair)
Pitta Soft, Oily, Yelllow, Early Gray, Red
Kapha– Thick, Oily, wavy, Dark or Light


Vata– Protruding, Big, Uneven, Gums emaciated
Pitta- Moderate in size, Yellowish, Soft gums
kapha– Strong, White, Even


Vata– Small, Dull, Dry, brown, Black
Pitta– Sharp, Penetrating, Green, Grey, yellow
Kapha- Big, Attractive, Thick lashes, Blue


Vata- Variable, Scanty
Pitta- Good, Excessive, Regular
Kapha- Slow but steady


Vata- Variable
Pitta- Excessive
Kapha- Scanty


Vata- Dry, Hard,Constipated
Pitta- Soft, Oily, Loose
Kapha- Thick, Oily, Heavy, Slow

10.Physical Activity:

Vata- High ,Mobile
Pitta– Moderate
Kapha– Lethargy, slow


Vata- Restless, Active, Curious
Pitta- Aggressive, Intelligent, Clever
Kapha-Calm, slow


Vata- Recent memory good, Remote memory poor
Pitta- Sharp, Good
Kapha- Slow but prolonged

13.Emotional Temperament:

Vata– Fearful, Insecure, Unpredictable
Pitta– Aggressive, Irritable
Kapha- Calm and Slow


Vata- Erratic, Changeable
Pitta- Fanatic
Kapha– Steady


Vata- Frequent, Fearful, Flying, Running
Pitta- Fiery, Violent, Vivid, Anger
Kapha- Romantic, Calm


Vata– Light,Disturbed, Scanty
Pitta- Sound, Moderate
Kapha- Heavy, Prolonged

17.Financial Status:

Vata– Poor, Spend money quickly on trifles
Pitta- Moderate, Buys Luxiries
Rich, Spend on food


Vata- Thready, Feeble, Makes like a snack
Pitta- Moderate, Lumping like a frog
Kapha- road, Slow, Moves like a swan


Vata- Fast
Pitta-Sharp and Cutting
Kapha– Slow, Monotonou


Vata- Varies, directed in fantasy
Pitta– Passionate, Excessive
Kapha- Slow, Harmonious


Vata Cold, Wind, Dryness
Pitta- Heat, Sun, Fires
Kapha- Cold, Damp, Humidity

Select one or more quality from each aspect of constitution that best describes your qualities. After you have finished taking the test, evaluate your responses. The category with the maximum score is supposedly is your predominant dosha or constitution.