Amla (Embilica officinalis Geaertm)or Indian Gooseberry-health benefits, doses, formulation

Embilica officinalis ,commonly known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla is widely used in Indian system or medicine and believed to increase defense against diseases.


Author: Dr Ranjeet Singh

Botanical Name- Embilica officinalis Geaertm

English Name- Emblic Myrobalan

Sanskrit Name- Shriphala, Dhatrika, Amruta, Sheeta, Gayatrei

Family Name-Euphorbiaceae


Embilica officinalis ,commonly known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla is widely used in Indian system or medicine and believed to increase defense against diseases. It is one of the oldest oriental medicine mentioned in Ayurveda as partial remedy for assorted ailments. A wide range of phytochemicals components present in amla including alkaloids, tennis, and flavonoids have been shown to procure useful biological activities. The various parts of the plant are used to treat a range of disease, but the most important is fruit. The fruit is used either alone or in combination with other plants to treat many ailment such as common cold and fever, as a diuretics, laxatives and liver tonic, refrigerant, stomachic , restorative, alternative, antipyretic, anti inflammatory, hair tonic, to prevent peptic ulcer and dyspepsia and as digestive.

Several studies have shown that Amla has large number of therapeutic properties such as antipyretic, analgesic, antitussive, adaptogenic, cardio protective, gastro protective, antianemia, wound healing, antidiarrheal, hepato-protective and nephro- protective.

Therapeutic uses of Amla( Embilica officinalis)

Externally, Alma is act as refrigerant, hair tonic, complexion enhancer. Amla paste is applied locally in burns, headache due to Pitta aggravation, and retention of urine. It’s juice is used in eye disorders ( steep Alma fruits in water overnight and wash your eyes with this water in the morning). Chewing fruit skin of Amla can relieve your toothache. It’s leaf juice is used as eye drops in eye disorders.

Internal uses

Nervous system

Strengthens nervous system, bone marrow, incipient blindness, and any weakness of sense.

Digestive system

It acts in loss of taste, loss of appetite, anorexia, constipation, liver disorders, acid peptic diseases, eructations, ascites and piles through its properties of digestion, laxation and rasayan. Amla juice is given in hematemesis and epistaxis. A paste of chandan and Amala is best in pittaj vomiting. The leaf juice of Amla is useful in hemorrhagic dysentery.

Circulatory system

Amla is acts as cardiotonic and haemostasis , useful in heart diseases, hemorrhagic disease. A combination of Loha (iron) bhasma and Amala could provide best result in treating anaemia.

Respiratory system

Amla is used in disease is like cough, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. being a rejuvenating agent. Amalaki is a good brain tonic, it improves memory and pacifies vitiated sadhak Pitta.

Reproductive system

Amla is useful in curing spermatorrhea, menorrhagia and uterine debility.

Other medicinal uses of Amala ( Indian gooseberry)

  1. Because Amla-Berry strengthens digestion, helps the liver detoxify, and is rich in Vitamin-C and other minerals, it is very good for the complexion. Amla- Barry moisturizes the skin, cleanses the tissues of toxins, and support the immunity of the skin against bacterial infection. It helps to enhance glow and luster.
  2. Amla-Berry boosts absorption of calcium, thus creating healthier bones, teeth, nails, and hair. It also helps to maintain youthful hair color and retard premature graying and supports the strength of the hair follicles, so there is less thinning with age.
  3. A decoction of the amla leaves is used as a chemical free bactericidal mouthwash. Bark of the root mixed with honey is applied to inflammations of the mouth, and a decoction of the leaves is also useful as a mouthwash in the treatment of aphthae.

Parts used

  • Fruit
  • Leaf juice
  • Seeds ( used in hyperacidity)


Fruit juice- 12ml

Powder- 3-6 grams


Do not use Amla and sour fruits at night or before sleeping, as they weaken the tooth and also lead to pharyngitis.

Formulations available in market

  1. Chavanprash
  2. Bramharasayan
  3. Dhatriloha
  4. Amruprash
  5. Amlaki rasayana
  6. Amla juice
  7. Amla pickle
  8. Amla oil
  9. Amla murabba

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