Hemiplegia ( Pakshavata / Ekanga Vata) causes, symptoms and management through Ayurveda

Loss of power of voluntary movement in a muscle through injury or disease of it or it’s nerve supply. Loss


Author: Dr Ranjeet Singh


Loss of power of voluntary movement in a muscle through injury or disease of it or it’s nerve supply. Loss of any function as sensation selection or mental ability. In Ayurvedic text hemiplegia is similar to pakshaghat ( Pakshavada/ Ekanga rog). It is characterized by motor or sensory failure in any one side of the body. When it is affected in all the four limbs is called Sarang Vata. When the the clinical presentation is affected only one limb it is called Ekang Vata. It may be associated with facial palsy and speech difficulty is like aphasia. Ayurveda identify the pathology of pakshaghat in relation with cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Impact of Hemiplegia?

  • Gait disorders like limping
  • Numbness, pain of the affected part
  • Loss of motor functions
  • Impairment of speech when it affects right side of the body
  • Excessive lacrimation and salivation associated with derivation of mouth angle to the opposite side.

How Ayurveda manages Hemiplegia?

Ayurveda has a major role to play in management of residual paralysis as well as rehabilitation of patient and to present disease induced muscle atrophy and contractures. It also helps to improve muscle strenght in in patients where loss of motor power is not complete. Many of the associated features of hemiplegia like facial derivation, speech, and language deficits, bowel bladder dysfunction ect. can be successfully managed along with improvement of motor functions. Ayurvedic classics recommend long term management in hemiplegia, thse include:

  • Gentle massage with medicated oils such as mahanarayana oil, dashmoola oil and mahamsha oil
  • Sudation with medicated decoction
  • Mild luxatives
  • Medicated enema
  • Trans Nasal administration of medicaments

Useful Ayurvedic Formulations

  1. Lasunadi Vati
  2. Yoga raj guggulu
  3. Triphala power
  4. Maharasnadi kwath
  5. Dashmoolarishtha

Useful medicinal plants for hemiplegia

  1. Bala(Sida cordifolia)
  2. Nirgundi (vertex negundo)
  3. Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata)
  4. Shallaki (Boswellia serrata)
  5. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)
  6. Shunthi (Zingiber officinalis))
  7. Eranda (Ricinus communis)
  8. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)


Add black gram, horse gram, onion garlic ginger, ash gourd , green gram and some fruits like pomegranate, mango, grapes in regular diet.


  • Pungent, astringent and salty food and incompatible diet
  • Excess consumption of chana, peas and barley etc.
  • Excessive starvation, excess exercises and suppressing of natural urges
  • Excessive consumption of and alcohol and smoking