Ayurveda has notable strengths in health promotion and disease prevention. These strengths can be tapped effectively for providing health solutions for the sunset years of life.

Ayurveda offers effective solutions for managing the health of senior citizens:

Diet:-include green vegetables, fruits, cow milk, cow ghee etc. Ensure adequate intake of lukewarm water. Avoid excess sugar, salt and fat.

Rasayana:- Rejuvenative diet and drugs to provide nutrition and nourishment along with disease prevention by improving immunity.

Herbs like Amalaki, Haridra, Tulsi, Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Lasuna, Shunthi, Brahmi etc. for slowing down the degenerative processes of ageing.

Panchakarma:- Abhyanga, Pinda sweda, Sarvanga dhara, Shirodhara, Bringhana vasti, etc. for improving the quality of life in elderly.

Lifestyle:- Regular exercise, Yogasana and Pranayama to retain physical activity.

Sadavrita:- ( Moral and ethical conduct viz. truth, non-violence, devotion, compassion), meditation, prayer, motivational reading, etc. for promoting mental health.

These measures will improve quality of life, combat the ageing process and minimize the intensity of health problems occurring in elderly people.

(source: Ministry of AYUSH)

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