Author: Dr Ranjeet Singh

1. When there are any signs of improperly digested food or ama, such as bad breath, cloudy urine, heavily coated tongue, gas,or digestive upset, it is best to give the system time to clean and balance itself by fasting for a day or at least is skipping a meal until a sense of appetite returns.

2. Never eat when angry, depressed, board, upset or exhausted.

3. Bathe before eating. If this is not practical, wash your hands and face.

4.Eat at home as much as possible. Food prepared with love and pure intention to benefit others is always better energy than food produced in a restaurant which is intended to turn a profit. Traditionally, cooks in India were chosen from the priestly class to ensure that good energy went into the food.

5. Eat alone or with friends and family in whose company you can completely relax.

6. Eat in quiet place. Facing east when eating maximizes the energy for digestion.

7. Listen to classical music or Indian music designed to aid digestion. Both are helpful in setting the mood for dining.

8. Sip warm water with your meal to aid digestion. Never drink ice water or milk with your meal.

9.Use Ginger to help spur the appetite. Prepare it by chopping it finely and mixing with a little lemon juice and a small amount of rock salt. Pitta types usually don’t need this and so long as their appetite is strong, they are better off without it.

10. Minimize raw foods. Cooked foods are generally easier to digest.

11. Give thanks for what you are about to eat and extend that good feeling into your food so that it serves is cell of your being.

12. Quient while eating is best, except for pleasant background music. It is said that the quality of conversation after the meal reflects the nature and quality of the meal, where as conversation during the meal is destruction to good digestion.

13. Eat only as much as would fit into your two hands cupped together.

14. Eat foods of all six tastes; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent- varying proportions to suit your doshik balance.

15. Eat fresh, local, seasonal foods whenever possible.

16. Avoid excessive sour or fermented foods, especially yeasted bread.

17. Give thanks at the end of the meal.

18. Clean the mouth, rinse the eyes and take a short walk.

19. Leave 3 to 6 hours between meals.

20. Try to keep regular meal times.

21. Avoid sex, deep study or sleep for at least two hours after eating, especially in the evening. Watching TV during or directly after meals will inhibit proper digestion.

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