Dentoalveolar abscess also known as dental abscess is an acute lesion characterized by localisation of pus in the structures and that surround the tooth. It is formed because of regeneration of pulp.


Trauma-causes necrosis of pulp followed by infection.

Caries-dental caries can cause acute pulpitis and necrosis of pulp. The inflammatory exudate passes through the pulp to apical foramen to settle in the apical area.

Chemical Irritants-materials used for devitalizing the pulp through apical foramen and cause inflammation and can lead to abscess formation.

Deep periodontal pocket-the infection from deep periodontal pocket passes to apical region directly or through lymphatics cause inflammation.

During instrumentation of root canal-infected instruments may pass through apical foramen to priapical region.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Tenderness
  • Regional lymph nodes are enlarged and tender

The upper lip and cheek may be swollen with swelling of the eyelid, if the abscess is developing from maxillary teeth.

In case of mandibular teeth, swelling of the chin and skin over the lower border of the mandible is seen.

Treatment of Dental Abscess?

  • Evacuation of pus.
  • Administration of antibiotics.
  • Use of painkillers.
  • If required, root canal treatment or exodontia (extraction) could be done.
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