Traditions In healthcare

The traditional knowledge innovation- Kerala (TKIK) is a humble initiative of government of Kerala following the repercussion of inflamous patent issue on Neem and Turmeric. Since the country had not given the national level protection at that time as required by the international patent law, these fake patents were revoked later in the international Court spending huge amount.

It is aimed at the IPR protection of Ayurvedic concepts and their development. Accordingly more than 2100 documents mainly Palm leaf manuscripts were identified in the state wide survey. About 40000 Palm leaves were digitized in electronic format preventing further erosion of these invaluable information.

Awareness campaign for the protection of traditional knowledge is being conducted across the state. A documentary film is prepared in this regard with the auspices of department of Information Public Relations, Government of Kerala. Eleven books were published in the series “Ayurvedic Legacy of Kerala” based on the information from ancient Palm leaf manuscripts. Ayurvedic fraternity has wholeheartedly welcomed these publications as they are simple, cheap and very effective.

Dirty TKIK Database on Ayurvedic formulations collected from different corners of the state is going to be linked with patent offices for the defensive protection of IP value of Ayurvedic concepts.

The potential medicinal formulation thus identified is being tried for drug development project through experimentation of global standard and appropriate clinical trials. A few drugs in this regard are getting ready to be launched in the market.

The TKIK is hosted by the directorate of Ayurveda Medical Education, Arogya Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is the director of Ayurveda Medical Education who heads this program. The administrative and financial control is vested with department of AYUSH, Government of Kerala. The information on Ayurvedic traditions may kindly be shared with TKIK in the address mentioned below for its ultimate protection.

(Source: directorate of Ayurveda medical education, department of government of Kerala)

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