Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is actually a group of substances- pyridoxine, pyridoxine and pyridoxamine that are closely related and function together. It helps in the absorption of fats and proteins, prevents nervous and skin disorders and protects against degenerative diseases.

The main sources of this vitamin are yeast, wheat, bran, wheat germ, pulses, cereals, banana, walnuts soybeans, milk, egg, liver and fresh vegetables.

Deficiency can lead to dermatitis, conjunctivitis, anaemia, depression, skin disorders, nervousness, insomnia migraine headaches and heart diseases.

The recommended daily requirement is 2 milligram for adults and 0.2 milligram for children.This vitamin used therapeutically from 100 to 150 milligram daily can relieve painful joints and the discomforts of pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms.

Vitamin B6 is now the most intensively studied for all vitamins. Researches are on the threshold of a number of promising development involving treatments of various ailments with this vitamin. They include hyperactivity in children, asthama, kidney stones, blood clothes in heart attack victims and nervous disorders.

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