Vitamin E is essential for normal reproductory functions, fertility, and physical vigour. It prevents unsaturated fatty acids, sex hormones and fat soluble vitamins from being destroyed in the body by oxygen. In dilutes blood vessels and improves circulation. It is essential for the prevention of heart diseases, asthma, arthritis and many other conditions.

It is available in wheat or cereals germs, whole grain products, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, whole or sprouted seeds and nuts. Its deficiency can lead to sterility in men and repeated abortions in women, degenerative developments in the coronary system, strokes and heart disease.

The official estimated requirement of this vitamin is 15 international units. Expert nutritionists estimated the actual requirement at 100 to 200 international unit a day. The therapeutic doses are from 200 to 2400 international unit daily. It is beneficial in the treatment of various forms of paralysis, diseases of muscles, arteriosclerosis, heart disease by diluting blood vessels. It prevents formation of scars in burns and post operation healing. It protects against many environmental poisons in air, water and food. It also has a dramatic effect on the reproductive organs and prevents miscarriage, increases male and female fertility and helps to restore male potency.

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