In human body, chlorine is liberated by the interaction of common salt, taken along with food and hydrochloric acid liberated in the stomach during the process of digestion. It is essential for the proper distribution of carbon dioxide and maintenance of osmotic pressure in the tissues.

This food element is necessary for the manufacture of glandular hormone secretions. It prevents building of excessive fat and auto-intoxication. Chlorine regulate the blood’s alkaline- acid balance and works with potassium in a compound form. It aids in the cleaning out of the body waste by helping the liver to function.

Chlorine is found in cheese and other milk products, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, all berries, rice, lentils, coconuts and egg yolk. NO dietary allowance has been established, but an average intake of daily salt will ensure adequate quantity of chlorine. Deficiency of this mineral can cause loss of hair and teeth.

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