Fluorine is the element that prevents disease is from decaying the body. It is a germicide, and acts as an antidote to poison, sickness and disease. There is a strong affinity between calcium and fluoride. These two elements, when combined, particularly in the outer parts of bones. They are found in the enamel of the teeth and shiny highly polished bone surface.

Fluorine is found in goat’s milk, cauliflower, watercress, garlic, beats cabbage, spinach and pistachio nuts.

Minerals thus play an important role in every bodily function and present in every human cell. Although the the amount needed may be a small, without even that trace of the mineral, dysfunction is born to occur at some level in the body.

A zinc deficiency show up in riged fingernails with white spots. Lack of sulphur can cause lack-luster hair and dull looking skin. less obvious deficiencies may surfaces as fatigue, irritability, loss of memory nervousness, depression and weakness.

Minerals also interact with vitamins. Magnesium for instance must be present in the body for utilisation of B complex C and E vitamins. Sulphur also works with the B complex vitamins.

The body needs all the trace minerals in proper balance. Coffee, tea, alcohol, excess salt and many drugs can drop the body of minerals or make them ineffective.

Industrial pollutants cause toxic minerals to enter the body. Minerals at toxic levels also have the effect of destroying the usefulness of other vitamins and minerals. Exercise improves the activity of certain vitamins and minerals while stress and fatigue work against them.

Are well balanced diet provides as abundance of minerals and vitamins. In refining cereals, grains and sugar, we have robbed them for their natural vitamins and minerals. The dietary sources of these nutrients are whole grains and cereals, bran and germs. It is the bran and germ which are removed in processing. To obtain a balance of nutrients it is therefore, necessary to avoid refined and processed foods but an intake of edequate green leafy vegetables which are an excellent source of many nutrients should be ensured.

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