Sadvrita ( Good Conduct)- Ayurvedic Way to Conductive Social Life

What to do?

  • Keep cheerful deposition
  • Help the distressed
  • Be hospitable to guests
  • Have faith in God
  • Console the frightened
  • Respect elders
  • Remain courageous both during happiness and misery
  • Keep control over senses and appetite
  • Relax from work before feeling strain
  • Be dignified and well cultured

What not to do?

  • Don’t keep the company of arrogants, mean and wicked
  • Don’t expose shortcomings of others
  • Don’t speak bad of good people and elders
  • Avoid earning by harming others
  • Don’t burden your senses and understanding
  • Don’t lose patience
  • Don’t indulge in violence
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • Avoid headwinds, severe Sun, Frost and storms
  • Don’t blow nose admist crowd