Almond Drink

Soak 10 almonds overnight in water. In the morning remove the skins. Place almonds in a blender with one cup of warm milk. Add pinchful each of cardamom powder and black pepper freshly grounded from peppercorn and one teaspoonful of honey. Blend for 5 minutes on high speed and drink. This drink helps to improve energy and ojas.

Buttermilk ( Lassi)

Heat 1 quart of milk just to be boiling point. Let it simmer and squeeze a little lemon juice into it. Then add one tablespoonful of yoghurt culture, cover the milk and keep it in a warm, dark place overnight. It will have become fresh yogurt by next morning. Add the yoghurt to an equal amount of water and mix it in a blender. Maple syrup may be added as a sweetener.

Calamus Root Ghee

First prepare calamus root decoction by taking one part of calamus root powder and adding to eight parts of water. Boil this mixture until one fourth of the water remains. Take one part of this decoction and add to it and equal part of ghee. To this mixture, add an equal part of water and boil until the water evaporates. What remains is calamus root ghee.

Clove oil

Boil 5 whole cloves in one tablespoonfulof sesame oil and leave the cloves in the oil. The oil should be warm when applied.

Garlic oil

Crush 2 cloves of garlic and add to one tablespoonful of sesame oil. Boil, leaving the garlic in the oil, apply the warm mixture.


Heat one pound of unsalted butter on a medium fire. After butter melts, heat for about 12 minutes. As it boils, froth will rise to the surface ( Do not remove this form for it contains medicinal properties). Turn fire to low, the butter will turn a golden yellow colour and will smell rather like popcorn. When a drop or two of water placed in the ghee produces a cracking sound, the ghee is ready. Let cool and then pour it through a strainer into a container. Ghee may be stored without refrigeration.

Licorice Ghee

First prepare a licorice decoction by taking 1 part of licorice powder and adding 8 parts of water. Boil the liquid until one-fourth remains. Take one part of this decoction and add to it equal part of ghee then add an equal part of water and boil until all the water evaporates. What remains is licorice Ghee.

Yogi tea

Mix the following ingredients together: 2 teaspoonful of fresh grated ginger, 4 whole cardamom seeds,8 whole cloves, a whole cinnamon stick and 8 cups of water. Boil until one half of the liquid remains. Add one ounce of cow’s milk after the mixture has cooked and drink.

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