First Aid Treatments in Ayurveda


Apply turmeric and Sandalwood powder paste externally using half a tablespoonful of each and adding sufficient water to make a paste. One may also take a half cup of aloe vera juice internally two times per day until the acne clears.


Licorice and Ginger tea is recommended. Use half a teaspoonful of the combined herbs in one cupful of water. Another remedy for internal use is one-fourth cupful of onion juice with one teaspoonful of honey and 1/8th teaspoonful of black pepper. This relief the congestion and cough and alleviates breathlessness.


Apply ginger paste and then eucalyptus oil to the affected area.

Bad breath

Cleans the mouth with liquorice powder and eat fennel seeds. One may also take one half cupful of aloevera juice twice a day until freshness is restored to breath.

Bleeding (internal)

Drink warm milk to which one half teaspoonful of saffron and turmeric powder have been added.

Bleeding (external)

Apply ice or a Sandalwood paste. The black ash of a burned cotton ball may also be applied to site of external bleeding.


To bring a skin boil to a head, apply cooked onions as a poultice or apply a paste of ginger powder and turmeric (one half teaspoonful of each) directly to the boil.


Make a paste of fresh gel of aloe vera with a pinch of turmeric powder. Ghee or coconut oil also may be used.


Boil 1 teaspoonful of ginger powder in 1 quart of water and inhale the steam. Eucalyptus leaves boiled in same way are also excellent for the relief of colds. Eucalyptus oil applied to the sides of the nose will help to relieve congestion. Calamus root powder may also be used as a snuff: inhale a pinch in each nostril.


Take Senna leaf tea (one table spoonful to one cup of water), or take one tablespoonfulof ghee in a glass of hot milk at bed time. Another remedy is one glass of water boiled with one tablespoonful of flax seed to be drunk at bedtime.


Gargle one glass of warm water to which a pinch of salt and two pinches of turmeric powder have been added. Also suck a whole clove with a piece of Rock candy. If a cough brings up mucus, take one half teaspoonful of Ginger powder, one pinch of clove and one pinch of cinnamon powder in one cupfulof boiled water as a tea.


Blend together equal parts of yoga and water and add some fresh Ginger about 18 spoonful or drink black coffee mixed with fresh lemon juice another remedy is drool made with 12 2 tablespoon follow poppy seeds in 1 cup of water boil this mixture, add A pinch of network complaint and it

Earche( Pain in ear)

Place three drops of garlic oil in the ear or use a mixture of 1 tablespoonful of onion juice with one half tablespoonful of honey and introduce 5 to 10 drops into the ear.

Ears ringing

Put 3 drops of clove oil into the ear.

Exhaustion (heat)

Drink one glassful of coconut water or grape juice or cooked dates with 8 ounces of water blend and drink.

Eyes (burning)

Apply castor oil to the soles of feet. Or introducing three drops of pure rose water into the affected eye. Fresh aloe Vera gel may also be used in the eye.

Gas (abdominal)

Mix 1 pinch of baking soda with 1 cupful of water and the juice of one half lemon and drink.

Gums bleeding

Drink the juice of one half lemon squeezed into one cupful of water or massage the gums with coconut oil.


For general relief of headaches, a paste of one half teaspoonful of Ginger powder mixed with water and heated is applied to the forehead, a burning sensation possibly occur, but it will not be harmful.

Another method for relief is the observation of breath. Notice, if one nostril has a more forceful discharge of air. If it does, close that nostril and breathe through the other until headache subsides.

The following can be useful for relief of specific type of headache:

Sinus headache

Sinus headache is related to kapha and can be relieved by applying a ginger paste to the forehead and sinus.

Temporal headache

Temporal headaches indicates an excess of Pitta in the stomach, they can be relieved by drinking a tea of cumin and coriander seeds, one half teaspoonful of each in one cup of hot water. At the same time, apply a Sandalwood paste to the temples.

Occipital headaches

Occipital headaches indicate toxin in the colon. Take one teaspoonfulof flax seed at bedtime with a glass of warm milk. At the same time, apply a ginger paste behind the ears (mastoid processes).

Headaches may be due to a change in energy or to repressed emotions in the deep connective tissue.


Drink one half cupful of aloe vera juice 3 times a day until hemorrhoids disappear.


Take two parts Honey with one part castor oil. Also do pranayam- breathing and meditation.


Eat 1 clove of minced garlic with a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda or take one fourth cupful of onion juice with one half teaspoonful of honey and one half teaspoonful of black pepper.

Menstrual cramps

Take one tablespoonful of Aloe Vera gel with two pinches of black pepper orally three times a day until cramps disappear.

Muscle strain (upper body)

An enema of one cupful of calamus oil may be injected into the rectum retain for 30 minutes. For general muscle strain, apply ginger paste with turmeric one table spoonful of Ginger with one half tablespoonful of turmeric to the affected area twice a day.


Overeating is a nervous habit that destroys the intelligence of the body. Eat light food like millet, tapioca or Rai. The substances will not increase weight even if taken to excess. If you have already erred, roast one table spoonful each of fennel seeds and coriander seeds with one pinch of salt and eat. You also may drink a copful of warm water to which has been added the juice of one half lemon and a pinch of baking soda.


Apply Ginger compress. To prepare Ginger compress, combine two teaspoonful of Ginger powder with one teaspoonful of turmeric powder and add enough water to make a paste. Warm the paste and spread it evenly on a piece of gauz e or cotton cloth. Then place the cloth on the affected area and apply bandage over it. Keep it on over night.

Poison bites and Stings

Drink cilantro juice or apply Sandalwood paste to the affected area.

Poison ( general)

Take one-half tablespoonful of ghee or one half tablespoonful of liquorice powder.


Apply the pulp of cilantro leaf to the affected area or drink coriander tea one (tablespoonful of coriander seeds 2 cupful of water).

Shock (fainting)

Inhale fresh, broken onion or inhale calamus root powder.

Sinus congestion

Apply ginger paste to the affected area or inhale one pinch of calamus root powder.

Lack of sleep

Drink a tea made with one fourth tablespoonful of nutmeg powder to one cup water. Gently massage the soles of feet with sesame oil or run the scalp with oil or intraduce 5 to 10 drops of warmed oil into each ear. Drink one cup of hot cows milk with Rock Candy or honey. Camomile tea is also excellent for inducing sleep (one tablespoonful of camomile in one cup of water).

Excess sleep

Drink coffee, gotukola tea or calamus root tea at bedtime. Eat early in the evening and eat less.

Sore throat

Gargle with hot water mixed with one fourth teaspoonful of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt.


Drink barley water: four parts of water boiled with one part of barley, then strain. Coriander tea also is beneficial. For external swelling, apply two part of turmeric powder mixed with one part salt to the affected area. Drink gotu kola tea one tablespoonful of one cup of water.


Apply 3 drops of clove oil to the affected tooth.