It is hard not to smile from deep inside after an Ayurvedic facial massage. Massage activates deep centres of the brain, reflex points energy medians and facial circulation to totally soothe the body. Tensions in the neck, shoulders, and face are freed and energy is re-balanced from head to toe. Cold pressed seed and nut oils are selected to work with both skin type and constitution. Herbal extracts and essential oils may be added to their additional healing properties and pleasant and fragrances.

Although it is wonderful to receive an Ayurvedic facial massage, to date there are few trend in this art in the Western world. For those intrusted in such training, the source appendix will refer you to places and practitioner’s to contact. At the same time the Ayurvedic facial massage sequence described in this article can be done to itself, even if one doesn’t have the time to follow this sequence, taking the most beneficial oil for your constitution and condition and massaging them in the proper directions.

Massage Oils

The basic formula for creating your own individualized massage oil is; take 10 parts base oil, 1 part wheat germ Oil, two capsules of vitamin E per 6 tablespoons of wheat germ and base oil. Essential oil combinations; two drops per fl. oz.of the above combined oils.

The ideal base oil and essential oil combinations to use for various skin conditions are-

For normal skin, Use Joboba or almond as your base oil and one of the following essential oil combinations:

  • Lavender, geranium and rose
  • Cedar, rose and Jasmine

For dry skin, use eight parts of sesame with two parts of rice bran oil as your base plus the essential oil combination of rose, geranium and Jasmine.

For oily skin, use joboba or sunflower oil as your base plus one of the following essential oil combinations:

  • Lemon and Cypress
  • Bergamot, Cyprus and Jennifer

For mature skin, combine 5 part joboba oil, 4 parts calendula oil and 1 part wheat germ, rice bran or rosa mosquito coil as your base plus the essential oil combination of lavender, frankincense and neroli

For blemished skin, use joboba as your base and one of the following essential oil combinations:

  • Lavender and tea tree
  • Bergamot and lemon
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